Payment Services

Payment Services

As international trade develops, more and more companies go abroad to serve customers around the world. Yet different countries have different culture and financial infrastructure, thus it is very challenging for companies to deal with payment. Traditional payment methods in some countries have low penetration, and many customers even never have access to bank credit/debit cards. Inla Mobile payment platform integrates different new payment options globally, together with traditional bank options, to help companies collect payment with just one easy API.


Direct Carrier Billing

Finish payment just sending a SMS/PIN

Online Banking

Allowing users to pay online with internet banking

Credit/Debit Cards

Popular with users who have bank cards


Mainstream eWallets have been integrated

Cash Payment

A good complementary option

Prepaid Payment

An effective monetization alternative for your games



+ Revenue Increased

+ Streamlined user experience

+ Full package of payment options

Advantages of Inla Mobile

Low Cost

Increase your margin by providing competitive rates

One-stop API

Reach global users with just one API integration

Global Coverage

60+ Direct Connections around the world

Customer-oriented Services

Enjoy 24*7 customer care services